Workshop participants


Ottar Bjornstad, Department of Entomology, Penn State University (abstract)
Mike Emch, Department of Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (abstract)
Mercedes Pascual, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan (abstract)
Andy Tatem, Emerging Pathogens Institute and Department of Geography, University of Florida (abstract)
Joseph Tien, Department of Mathematics, Ohio State University (abstract)
Michael Tildesley, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick (abstract)
Gonzalo M. Vazquez-Prokopec, Dept. of Environmental Studies and Global Health Institute, Emory University (abstract)


Jared Aldstadt,, Department of Geography, University at Buffalo (abstract [pdf])
Justine Blanford, Geography Department, The Pennsylvania State University (abstract [pdf])
Margaret Carrel, Department of Geography, University of Iowa (abstract [pdf])
Eric Delmelle, Geography & Earth Sciences, UNC-Charlotte (abstract [pdf])
Mei-Po Kwan, Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley (abstract [pdf])
Krisztian Magori,, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University (abstract [pdf])
Carrie A. Manore, Mathematics Department, Tulane University (abstract [pdf])
Joseph P. Messina, Department of Geography, Michigan State University (abstract [pdf])
Daniel M Parker, Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University (abstract [pdf])
Stacie Robinson, Forest & Wildlife Ecology, UW Madison (abstract [pdf])
Elisabeth Dowling Root, Department of Geography, CU Boulder (abstract [pdf])


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