GIScience Workshop

In September 2012 we organized a workshop, entitled "Challenges in Modeling the Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of the Ecology of Infectious Diseases", which aimed to link researchers in the fields of disease ecology and geographic information science, and geography. The workshop highlighted issues prevalent in modeling disease dynamics, including scale and uncertainty in spatial and temporal data. The NSF-funded workshop was held on September 18, 2012 in Columbus, OH, preceding the GIScience 2012 conference (

Workshop organizers

Rebecca Garabed (College of Veterinary Medicine, Ohio State University)
Song Liang (College of Public Health, Ohio State University)
Mark Moritz (Department of Anthropology, Ohio State University)
Laura Pomeroy (College of Veterinary Medicine, Ohio State University)
Ningchuan Xiao (Department of Geography, Ohio State University)