Picture for mouhamanarabi.1

Mouhaman Arabi
Visting Scholar
614 906-5037
  • Environmental assessment
  • GIS and spatial analysis
  • Development plannin

Picture for chen.1571

Yu-Jen Chen
Graduate Research Assistant
  • Spatial modeling
  • Remote sensing analysis
  • GIS data analysis

Picture for diener.16

Emily Diener
Graduate Student

Picture for garabed.1

Rebecca Garabed
Assistant Professor
614 247-1842
  • Expert opinion data and Bayesian...
  • International disease surveillance...
  • Infectious disease modeling

Picture for healy.50

Jessica Healy
Undergraduate Student

Picture for kim.3594

Hyeyoung Kim
Graduate Research Assistant
614 381-0453
  • Spatial modeling
  • Agent-Based Modeling
  • GIScience

Picture for songliang.1

Song Liang
Associate Professor
352 273-9203
  • Water- and vector-borne tropical...
  • Epidemiology
  • Dynamic modeling

Picture for moreno-torres.1

Karla Moreno-Torres
Graduate Student

Picture for moritz.42

Mark Moritz
Assistant Professor
614 247-7426
  • Pastoral systems
  • Management of common-pool resources
  • Coupled human and natural systems

Picture for pomeroy.26

Laura Pomeroy
Post-doctoral researcher
  • Disease ecology
  • Heterogeneity in disease...

Picture for ryan.260

Brad Ryan
Graduate Student
  • Public relations
  • African mammalogy
  • Veterinary public health

Picture for schnell.31

Patrick Schnell
Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Graph theory

Picture for valerius.5

Sam Valerius
Graduate Student

Picture for vari.4

Gabriella Vari
Graduate Student

Picture for xiao.37

Ningchuan Xiao
Associate Professor
614 292-4072
  • Ecological and environmental...
  • Cartography and visualization
  • Computational methods

Picture for brutus.0

Zhe Xu
Graduate Research Assistant